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Miscese Gagen offers a variety of workshops and presentations. Workshop offerings include:

Workshop #1 - Getting Ready to Read! Developing Essential Pre-Reading Skills in Preschoolers: Help your preschooler develop essential pre-reading skills. Learn how proficient reading works. Discover what phonemic awareness is, why it is critically important in developing proficient reading and how to help your child develop phonemic awareness. Roll up your sleeves and learn specific age-appropriate activities (fun games) to make and play with your child that develop essential pre-reading skills in phonemic awareness, alphabetic awareness and directional tracking. Not only are these games fun for your child, they are easy for you and can be made at home for minimal cost.  This hands-on workshop is ideal for parents of preschoolers, preschool teachers and child care providers who want to help preschoolers start off in the right direction toward reading success. Participants acquire information and tools to develop essential pre-reading skills in preschoolers.

Workshop #2 - Building Proficient Readers! Teaching Children to Read & Spell: This workshop is targeted to participants teaching children how to read. Discover the fascinating science of how children develop proficient reading. Learn specific ways to help your child develop essential skills in phonemic awareness, knowledge of the complete printed code, smooth blending & proper tracking, attention to detail and the development of phonologic processing necessary for proficient reading. Includes hands-on demonstrations of how to teach these skills as well as specific ‘techniques’ for overcoming common challenges such as  b,d, p confusion, difficulties blending, and problems with complexities. This workshop covers the nuts and bolts of highly effective reading instruction that ensures each child learns to read.  This hands-on workshop is ideal for empowering parents and teachers of young beginning readers (kindergarten, 1st grade) with the information and resources to help young child read and spell proficiently!

Workshop #3 - Help Me With the Hard Reading! Advancing Reading Skills in Novice/Intermediate Readers: This presentation is targeted for parents and teachers with novice or intermediate level readers who are already reading but need help to master the complexities, multisyllable words and higher level skills. Help your child improve their reading and master ‘hard’ words that are a frequent source of reading and spelling problems. Discover all the elements of higher level proficient reading. Learn specific ways to help your child: 1) learn the complexities of the phonetic code, 2) learn to handle multisyllable words, 3) build fluency, 4) expand vocabulary and 5) develop higher level comprehension skills. Learn the critical importance of guided reading and how to advance your child’s skills with this simple yet highly effective technique. This workshop is ideal for parents and teachers of novice/intermediate readers 1st through 4th grade grade who are reading, but need help to successfully achieve the necessary shift from beginning reading to higher level advanced reading.  The focus is specific techniques for helping your child master the complexities and advanced skills of reading so they move from novice-level to proficient higher level fluent reading.

Workshop #4 Overcoming Reading Difficulties ~ Reading Remediation/Helping Struggling Readers Acquire Necessary Skills and Get Back on Track to Proficient Reading: Does your child or student struggle with reading? Learn exactly how to help struggling readers overcome difficulties and achieve reading success. To provide sufficient detail to provide participants with a plan of action, this workshop consists of two sessions. These workshops are ideal for parents and teachers of older students (3rd grade through adult) who struggle with reading. If your older student does not read easily or accurately this reading remediation workshop is for you. Participants leave with valuable information, a specific action plan, and effective tools to help their child or student develop necessary skills to achieve reading success.

Workshop #4 - Session 1: Reading Remediation/Overcoming Reading Difficulties:  Learn why many students face difficulty learning to read. Discover what the brain imaging research shows us about the process of proficient reading and difficulty reading. Hear the neurobiological proof of how we can use effective instruction to develop proficient reader pathways. Learn the essential skills for reading success and elements of an effective reading remediation program. Find out how to evaluate your student and recognize patterns of errors that indicate deficiencies in critical skills. Discover how to target remediation to develop necessary skills. Learn the specific techniques and instructional approaches to effectively help struggling readers learn necessary skills. Learn effective techniques to help students learn the complete code, establish phonologic processing, learn to handle multisyllable words, build fluency, expand vocabulary and develop comprehension.  Take home tools to evaluate your student.  

Workshop #4 - Session 2: Individual Evaluation and Remediation Plan for Helping a Student Overcome Reading Difficulties: Participants need to attend session 1 and bring the results of the evaluation they completed on their student. This workshop looks at the specific evaluation participants completed for their student, identifies likely deficiencies and develops an individual remediation plan targeted to your student. Because of the individual attention, class size for this workshop to develop individual remediation plans is limited to 10.  This workshop is ideal for parents or teachers of older students (3rd grade and up) who would like to be walked through the development of an individual plan of action to help their child or student overcome reading difficulties.

Workshop #5 - What was that about? Developing Reading Comprehension Skills This workshop is targeted for helping students develop higher level comprehension skills. Research shows explicit instruction in comprehension strategies is highly effective in enhancing comprehension. This workshop gives you specific techniques you can use to help a student develop comprehension skills. This workshop focuses on helping students improve their comprehension not learning how to decode easily and accurately (If your child or student faces difficulty reading, reads with much effort or makes frequent errors sign up for workshop #4).  Learn specific techniques, methods and activities for helping your child improve their reading comprehension.  Tips for expanding vocabulary are also included.

Workshop #6 - Developing an ‘Ear for Sound’. What Phonemic Awareness Is, Why PA is critically important to reading success and Fun Ways to Help Children Develop Phonemic Awareness. This workshop is designed for parents and teachers of pre-readers (preschool) and beginning readers. This workshop fully explains what phonemic awareness is, why it is critically important to reading success and how to help your child develop phonemic awareness. Although, phonemic awareness is thoroughly covered in Workshop #1 (getting ready to read - developing essential pre-reading skills in preschoolers), this workshops spends additional time on games and activities to develop phonemic awareness. This workshop provides additional details in specific activities to effectively develop phonemic awareness.

Workshop # 7 - The FREE, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and ENJOYABLE Way to Help Your Child Improve Their Reading. This workshop focuses on the highly effective practice of guided reading. Participants learn what true guided reading is, and how this simple, NO cost and enjoyable activity is proven by validated scientific research to have “significant beneficial impact on word recognition, fluency, and comprehension across a range of grade levels” (National Reading Panel). The bulk of the workshop is teaching participants how to conduct guided reading with their child or student.  Participants learn the specific techniques they can use to improve their child’s reading skills. Best of all this highly effective technique is enjoyable and free.  

Reading Program Training Workshops:  “Teaching a Child to Read Using the Right Track Reading Lessons Program” and “Teaching a Student to Read Using the Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons Program”:  These workshops focus specifically on training individuals in Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons instructional materials. While all other workshops provide general information, these training workshops focus on the specific elements of the Right Track Reading Lessons programs. While both Right Track Reading Lessons and Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons programs are intentionally designed to be ‘easy to use’ and include complete instructions, some individuals are more comfortable with and request this supplemental training program. While you can easily use the program without these training sessions, these workshops provide a ‘walk through’ of the specifics of the Right Track Reading programs for those who desire extra help getting started.   See Local Special #1

Additional Informational Presentations:  Miscese also offers informational presentations other topics related to teaching children to read proficiently. These informational presentations can include topics such as

NEW Math Workshop -  Mastering Math Facts! Help your child build the ‘fact power’ that sets the foundation for success in mathematics. Learn practical tips and effective techniques for helping your child master automatic recall of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Fill your toolbox with effective techniques for helping your child succeed at math.

For additional information on workshops, please contact Miscese Gagen. If you would like a more detailed listing of specific content elements of a workshop, please indicate which workshop you are interested in.  

Scheduling Workshops:  Please call or e-mail to arrange and schedule specific workshop dates. Speaking dates need to be coordinated and arranged ahead of time to ensure they meet your needs and do not conflict with Miscese’s essential ‘mom’ duties as well as her existing tutoring commitments. Please plan ahead to arrange and schedule workshops. Although time requirements can be modified, most workshops require a two-hour block of time. The full 2 hour time block is beneficial and highly recommended for workshops 1-5 as it allows sufficient time for hands on practice of activities, and time for individual questions to be addressed.

Workshop & Presentation Fees: Please Contact Miscese for detailed information on fees. Exact fees and total cost will depend on specific needs and circumstances plus travel requirements/expenses. In general total cost will include speaking fee plus travel and other incurred expenses. (Total cost = speaking fee + travel/other incurred expenses).  The following information on approximate fees provides customers a rough idea of costs. Fees are intentionally reasonable. Miscese keeps all workshops affordable because she strongly believes cost shouldn’t be a barrier to information and effective resources. Workshop fees are generally a flat fee of $100-$200.  Discounts are applied to multiple presentations/workshops on the same date at the same location. In addition, speaking fees may be reduced or waived for home school groups and other non-profit groups and organizations. Generally the group arranges the meeting room. Classrooms, library meeting rooms, community meeting rooms etc are all ideal locations for holding these reading workshops.  If the room is provided, no facilities cost would apply.

In addition, Miscese frequently offers workshops through the Livingston Adult Community Education and the Bozeman Adult Community Education programs.  For additional information on upcoming adult education classes please see Livingston Adult Community Education program website or the Bozeman Adult Community Education program website.

Special Offers

Right Track Reading’s HANDS-ON, ACTION ORIENTED workshops empower YOU to get your child or student on track to proficient reading!

For additional information or to schedule a workshop, please contact Miscese Gagen.

Right Track Reading offers a variety of workshops, presentations and training to empower parents and teachers with valuable information and effective resources to get their children or students on track to proficient reading.

These hands-on, action-oriented workshops provide participants with specific information, direct activities, and effective resources so they are empowered to help their child or student aquire skills to become a proficient reader.

The workshops are targeted to specific age/reading levels and include the nuts and bolts of establishing specific reading skills. Workshop topics include:

Workshops/Presentations include:

The focus of all workshops is empowering participants with information and resources so they can help their child or student achieve reading success.

The tools to achieve reading success!

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