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This page provides FREE information, articles, activities, tools and resources related to effectively teaching children and students how to read proficiently. This information is provided to empower parents & teachers so they can help their children or students achieve reading and spelling success.

The articles and resources are organized into the following sections: (CLICK on the section title or scroll down the page to view the articles and resources within the topic area)

I.  Overview of Reading

II.   Foundational  Skills

III.  Advanced ~ Higher Level Skills

IV.  Reading Difficulty/Dyslexia &

Effective Reading Remediation

V. Teaching Reading Skills ~   Instructional Information & Resources for Parents & Teachers

Translating Research Into Applications YOU Can Use

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VI. Other Articles/Valuable Info

VII. Links

I. Overview of Teaching Children to Read, Background on How Proficient Reading Works & Information on the Skills Necessary for Proficient Reading: START with these articles!

Understanding Proficient Reading

Information on Reading Instruction

II. Building Foundational Reading Skills ~ Developing Phonologic Processing ~ Building the foundational skills essential for developing phonologic processing pathways ..establishing the foundation for proficient reading

Introduction/Overview of Developing Phonologic Processing

Developing Phonemic Awareness (PA) or Phonologic Awareness

Building Direct Print to Sound Knowledge of the Phonemic Code (Phonics)

Establishing Proper Directional Tracking

Teaching Students to Blend Sounds Smoothly

Establishing the Foundation of Proficient Phonologic Processing of Print  (reading by sounding out words!)

Developing Attention to Detail

III. Advanced Reading Skills ~ Developing Higher Level Reading Skills & Strengthening higher level reading skills so your child or student becomes a skilled reader

Overview of Advanced or Higher Level Reading Skills ~ What it takes to become a skilled reader!



Vocabulary Knowledge

Handling Multi-syllable Words

Highly Effective Technique for Advancing Reading Skills

IV. Difficulties Reading and Overcoming Reading Difficulties (Dyslexia)

V. Teaching Reading Skills ~  Instructional Resources and Information for Parents & Teachers

 Translating reading research into applications YOU can use!

Discover Numerous Articles and Useful Reading Resources

VI. Other Articles and Valuable Information

VII. Recommended Links

This page contains links to access information and resources on teaching children and students to read. Right Track Reading encourages parents and teachers to explore these sites and to research additional information on teaching children to read, the science of proficient reading, the valid evidence based research and the proven effectiveness of direct systematic phonics.

All articles are intentionally written to empower parents & teachers with information to help their children or students achieve reading success. All articles are copyrighted by Miscese R. Gagen. Please see Terms of Use

All articles are intentionally written to empower parents and teachers with information and resources to help their children or students achieve reading success. All articles are copyrighted by Miscese R. Gagen. Please see Terms of Use

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