Use this form to order copies of Right Track Reading Lesson or Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons.  

Pricing, shipping details, and additional contact and order information are located at www.righttrackreading.com.

Send your order form and check or money order for full amount to:

Right Track Reading LLC

P.O. Box 1952

Livingston, MT  59047


Please print. Include check or money order for full amount payable to Right Track Reading LLC.


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 (*e-mail used to notify you that I received your order and have mailed out your books)  

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_____ copies of Right Track Reading Lessons @ $ 30.00 / book:

  Cost of Books (# books ______  x  $30.00/book)…….………........... = $__________

_____ copies of Back on the Right Track Reading Lessons @ $ 30.00 / book:

  Cost of Books (# books ______  x  $30.00/book)…….…….…........... = $__________

  Shipping and Handling Charges (see below)..……………..…….…   = $ __________


             TOTAL = $ ___________

Shipping and Handling Information:

Free Shipping to US Addresses (including APO/FPO addresses) - With this free shipping option, the books are mailed USPS media mail. The estimated time for delivery depends on location. Although estimates vary from 3 to 8 days, if you are not located near Montana shipping typically requires 7 days.

Optional Priority Shipping to US Addresses: With optional priority shipping, the books will be sent USPS priority mail. The estimated time for delivery is typically 3 business days. The additional cost for 1 book priority mail is $5; 2-6 books priority mail is $10; 7-12 books priority mail is $20.

International Shipping to Canada: The cost to ship 1 book to Canada is $15. The cost to ship 2-6 books is $30. The estimated time for delivery is 7 to 10 days for international shipments to Canada.

International Addresses other than Canada: Please contact Right Track Reading to check for specific shipping availability and cost before ordering. Shipping charges vary depending on location and are based on actual shipping cost to the international destination. Orders outside the US or Canada can only be made with specific arrangement.

*All prices are given in US dollars. Payment must be made in US dollars.

*Multiple copy shipping discounts apply to books sent to the same mailing address in a single order

*For orders over 10 books, please contact Right Track Reading for special pricing and specific shipping arrangements.

US Addresses (including APO/FPO)

Shipping & Handling cost

Media mail


1 book USPS Priority Mail


2-6 books USPS Priority Mail


7-12 books USPS Priority Mail



1 book to Canada


2-6 books to Canada


International (outside US or Canada)

CONTACT for information

Varies - Contact for shipping cost/charge


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