Explaining an Effective Reading Remediation Program to the Student


Before starting an effective reading remediation program with a struggling reader it is important to explain the program to the student.  You need the student to understand the effective remediation directly teaches and develops essential skills to raise the student to the proficient level.  Make sure the student understands reading remediation is NOT teaching down at lower level but rather building necessary skills to help bring the student up to proficient level. 


The student’s effort and attitude will effect how quickly they learn. Motivated students progress faster than students with a poor attitude. Help the student develop positive attitude toward remediation. Some older students are frustrated with their failure and have developed a negative attitude towards reading.  Remember, this ‘dislike’ of reading is human nature. We tend to ‘dislike’ and avoid activities we find difficult or fail at frequently.


Before beginning an intensive reading remediation program, help the student understand the remediation program. Explain the effective remediation plan to the student. The student needs to realize 1) reading is a complex learned skill, 2) reading problems are common, 3) reading problems have nothing to do with intelligence or ability, 4) difficulties reading are caused by weakness in phonologic processing and other fundamental skills, 5) Effective instruction improves reading skills, and 6) because they are older and have significant background knowledge and higher level skills they can advance rapidly and 7) with some direct work you are confident they will develop proficient reader skills.  Before beginning the structured reading remediation program give the student a quick summary. Use your own words and include the following information:










In summary, share information and help the student understand the remediation program. Help them develop a positive attitude towards remediation.


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