Information on Dyslexia and Helping Struggling Readers Achieve Success with an Effective Reading Remediation/Intervention Program


The following lists article containing information on difficulty reading (dyslexia) and how to directly help your child or student acquire necessary skills and achieve reading success.

This article provides an overview with background information on difficulty reading and dyslexia.

  Students Who Face Difficulties Learning to Read: Information on Reading Problems and Dyslexia


This article outlines the specific steps you can take to help your struggling reader develop necessary skills and achieve reading success. If your child or student struggles with reading, in most cases you can directly intervene and help them develop necessary skills and learn to read.

 How to Help a Child or Student Who Struggles With Reading Overcome Their Reading Difficulties and Achieve Reading Success


Reading is a complex learned skill. Students struggle with reading because they lack specific necessary skills. When we directly intervene with effective instruction we can help the student overcome their difficulties and achieve success. This article provides a real life analogy of how direct effective instruction in essential fundamental skills can help a child achieve success.

 What Baseball Batting, a Terrific Dad, & a Bucket Can Teach Us About Reading: A Real Life Example of How Essential Fundamental Skills are Important to Success & How Direct Instruction in Details CAN Help a Child Achieve Success


This article lists specific elements of effective reading remediation programs (targeted for students 3rd grade and older and adults who struggle with reading).

 Elements of an Effective Reading Remediation Program to Improve Reading Skills in Struggling Readers


This article provides an explanation of reading remediation to share with your child or student to help them understand the effective intervention program you are going to begin with them.

 Explaining an Effective Reading Remediation Program to a Student


Additional free information on teaching students to read is located at Reading Information and Information & Resources for Teaching Reading pages of the Right Track Reading website.


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